Pharmaceutical Sales Representation



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This Qualification is for learners who have entered the area of pharmaceutical sales representation. ‘Pharmaceutical’ includes medicines, medical products, medical devices, scheduled substances, veterinary medicines, products, and devices, in accordance with the relevant current legislation. This area involves visiting and presenting information about medicines and related products to health care professionals, with the purpose of generating sales through the prescribing, dispensing and use of the products. Since medical doctors, veterinarians and pharmacists comprise of the most potential clients, the industry requires well-schooled individuals who can provide accurate product information to potential clients but who can also adapt their communication styles to suit each individual clients’ needs. The Qualification is intended to produce credible, ethical, and informed sales representatives who will be able to take specific product knowledge to the client.


Qualification details :

  • NQF Level 5
  • Programme ID: 63969
  • Number of credits: 120


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