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Project Management is an important part of the global business environment. It is used extensively in business, construction, engineering, manufacturing, the public sector, the military, and NGOs to plan, manage, control, and evaluate projects. Skilled practitioners are required to meet the demands of industry and the economy.

  • This Project Management NQF Level 4 qualification is designed for people working in a project environment as a team member, project administrator or leader of a small project/sub-project.
  • Learners accessing this qualification will be working in or with project management teams or using a project approach to their business. These projects may be technical projects, business projects, government projects or community development projects and will cut across a range of economic sectors.
  • This Project Management qualification is also of value to learners running their own business, as project management is an integral component of any business system.

Course Outcomes

On achieving this Project Management NQF Level 4 qualification, learners will be able to:

  • Work with others to undertake or support the project management activities.
  • Assist the project manager and/or project team by contributing and participating in planning, execution, and control activities.
  • Provide support to the administration of a project.

Qualification details:

NQF Level 4

Programme ID: 50080

Number of credits: 136


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