Contact Centre Support



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Great contact centres are made of people with exceptional communication and customer service skills. As the front-line of most big businesses, contact centre agents play a pivotal role in ensuring customer satisfaction and ultimately, business success.

The core components of the course teach learners skills in customer service, business communication, handling telephone calls, computer skills, numeracy, culture, and teamwork.

More specifically, this qualification will provide learners with knowledge and skills in:

  • Responding to customer calls accurately and factually.
  • Gathering and processing data related to a Contact Centre Support function.
  • Implementation and communication of operational activities within a Contact – Centre Support function.
  • Performing Contact Centre Support functions to the required standards.
  • Being a team player in a diverse working environment.

Qualification details:

  • NQF Level 2
  • Programme ID: 71490
  • Number of credits: 128


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